Looney Tunes™ x LeSportsac
LeSportsac presents a collaboration with Looney Tunes™ that embodies energy and fun! A staple of American pop culture for almost 100 years, Looney Tunes™ and the characters within its universe are instantly recognizable. Filled with clever one-liners, cheeky comedy, and playful chaos, Looney Tunes™ stories and their iconic stars have stood the test of time.
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LeSportsac x Jean-Michel Basquiat™
LeSportsac’s newest collaboration honors a staple of New York’s art history with the Jean-Michel Basquiat collection. A contemporary American artist who gained fame in the early 1980s, Jean-Michel Basquiat’s work remains globally revered. This collaboration leans into Basquiat’s connection with New York City, art, and hip-hop culture by incorporating streetwear influences into the classic LeSportsac look.
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LeSportsac x Peter Rabbit™
Celebrating 120 years of Peter Rabbit™
It’s a birthday celebration for Peter Rabbit! 2022 marks 120 years since The Tale of Peter Rabbit was first officially published. This collaboration features themes of adventure around Peter Rabbit stories, with an original Toile de Jouy print available in several styles, plus colorful specialty items inspired by the books.
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Harry Potter™ x LeSportsac Collection
Head Back to Hogwarts with Harry Potter™ x LeSportsac!
This Fall we continue our long history of creative collaborations with a renewed sense of adventure! Featuring bags and accessories inspired by the Harry Potter films, this collection honors the Wizarding World and the millions of fans that love it. This collaboration allows fans to connect with the beloved story of adventure by bringing a hint of magic into the everyday.
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